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Third Day - San Angelo tab

G                C      G                     C  G                      
Forever seems so distant much further than today you turn around an in an 
C                    Em                                C  G
instant you find that you are just as far from yesterday   the day feels 
    C        G                        C     G                 
like winter   the night it feels like stone you turn around and you 
    C                       Em                            C
remember when you're surrounded you can still feel so alone
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C                                      G                             D 
But it's in between the start and end i find myself once again questioning 
this place calling out your name

 Cmaj7            Em                    D                           C      
San Angelo what do you know and tell me do you have something to say? Don't 
C                      Em                   D                            C
get me wrong but i miss my home and it feels like i'm a million miles away 
San Angelo
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