Third Eye Blind - Dao Of St Paul chords

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Dao of St. Paul by Third Eye Blind

Album: Ursa Major (2009)
Tabbed by: You Ruined It

Tuning: Standard EADGBE

Simple and easy song. These chords sound best on an acoustic; if anyone can tab the 
guitar parts it'd be great.

G-  320033
D*- xx0032

Em                                    Bm
In this night, I need to call you but all the lines are blown
        A                        G
If only you knew, how empty I feel
But maybe then you're lonely too,
and it's tearing through you like a puncture wound.
      A                    G
Maybe no one knows what to do.

                   A                    G
When we know we're alone in a temporary home.
            A                               D       D* 
Maybe we'll realize that's a blessing in disguise.
                 D      D* D   A
A blessing in disguise.

N.C. Em                                Bm
Well don't you know the sound of anger brings a dark result.
          A                          G
And every insult is like a lightning bolt.
So go home now, oh yeah,
you do not have one, to some guy that you don't know.
             A                            G
And make a baby, but that won't change my problems though.

            A                                  G
I spent the last three years setting myself on fire for you.
            A                                 G
I spent the last three years never knowing if what you say is true.
          Em                          G
And it'll be this way until one of us dies.
                         D       D* D   G
Is that a blessing in disguise?
                      D       D* D   A
It's a blessing in disguise.

      Bm                     G
And I tell myself what we're living for.
         Em             Bm
And say rejoice,

A  Em Bm    A  G D  A  

                G     D
'Til one of us dies
                G     D Dsus G  D 
'Til one of us dies

N.C. Em                              Bm
Well I confess that so far happiness eludes me in my life.
           A                             G
You better hurry up, if its ever to be mine.
             A                          G                A    
Better hurry up now if we're ever gonna find, what we're living for.
          A         G
If it's not you, anymore.
      A     G
I'll learn,
   A     G
to sing,


         A       G
Evermore,     Rejoice.   (x10)
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