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Third Eye Blind - 1000 Julys tab

name: Joe Cataneo and Trevor Vaughan (most of the credit goes to Joe)

artist: Third Eye Blind

SongTitle: 1000 Julys

Tabs: It is in dropped D tuning (tune low E to D).

Intro: D   Dsus   F  G   Bb   C

Verse: C   B   (Verse riff goes here)   G   F#   G

Verse riff:
e |-------------------------10~----|
B |----------10----13--------------|
G |--12----------------------------|

Chorus: E   G   D

Solo chords are: D   F   G

Background solo:  e |----5------8----10-----8----5----|   repeat a few 
The solo key is in: Dm (play the Dm scale and improvise. A wah-solo 
sounds really good here!)

End chord progression:  E    G    D   repeat

End riff:
e |------12p10-----------------------|
B |---------------13p10---12--12b13--|

Outro: D   G   F#   D,   then: G   F#   D

The chords are:
     B    Bb    C    D    E    F    F#   G
D |--9----8----10----0----2----3----4----5--------------|
A |--9----8----10----0----2----3----4----5--------------|
D |--9----8----10----0----2----3----4----5--------------|

	Dsus: 0 0 0 2 3 3
              E A D G B e

THere you go. Enjoy, and e-mail me back with comments or corrections.
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