Thirsty Merc - The Hard Way chords

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Thirsty Merc

D                       Am7
Here I sit once again.  Im missing you like crazy baby.
G				Bb
Ive screwed up again and again.  Keep making the same mistakes.
D			    Am7
Dont want to be an old man, with nothing figured out yet baby.
G				 Bb
Ive got to start sometime soon.  I wish I never hurt you.
Em	            A
I wish I never hurt you.

D			 Am7	
Im doing the best I can, living like any man.
G				F
My father used to say it to me, he said while youre young
Youve got to learn the hard way son.

D			    Am7
I cant call you up to talk, I know youre moving on now baby.
G				  Bb
Youve learnt to steer real clear, of guys that resemble me now.
D				Am7
But dont I know Im on my own.  Its all about decisions baby.
G				Bb
This was the ultimate test and once again I failed myself.
Em				A
And I failed you too and it hurts like hell.  Yeah

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