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This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Black Panther Song tab

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e- 55555-3-2 D    x4

G A D x4
Mr. Black Panther Party, are you ready for me?
G                                       e                   G
After 25 years of silence, can you see me?
I hate the cops about as much as you,
G                                                    e             D
and if you'll stand up for me, I'll stand up for you.

D               G
We'll go marching arm in arm, we donít mean no harm,
e               D
we're just protecting our rights from you know who.
D         G
I'll bet my last dollar I can do more than holler,
e                                                            D
I can take a couple punches from those boys in blue.

I bet that we can do it right this time.      x4

e- 55555-3-2 D x4

G A D x4
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