This Providence - A Mistletoe And You chords

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Ok. This was a pretty difficult song to tab, so bear with me, as I'm going to have
to make up names for most of the chords lol. I tabbed the main guitar, and it's CAPO 2.

Here is my list of chords so I don't have to really tab it.

A=  E-0         Ga= E-x      D is normal    D#b= E-2    F#b= E-4-|
    B-2             B-2                          B-4         B-3-|
    G-2             G-2                          G-x         G-4-|
    D-2             D-0                          D-1         D-2-|
    A-0             A-x                          A-x         A-x
    E-x             E-3                          E-x         E-x

D#= E-4        D7?= E-1
    B-5             B-3
    G-6             G-2
    D-6             D-0
    A-4             A-x
    E-x             E-x

Intro=  A, Ga, D, D#b, F#b

A                                           D            F#b
I should have held your mitten when we were, out in the snow,
       D               D#b                      F#b
we were, out in the snow, but I was playin it cool.
A                                D     F#b           D     D#b
I should have took you under the mistletoe, under the mistletoe,
oh I'm such a fool.

D#                      D                     A             Ga       D
And the only thing I want for Christmas, is a mistletoe and you, oooo oo.
D#                    D                               A                Ga
And the only thing I want for Christmas, is something I will never have,
       D       D7?
oooo  oo

The other verse and chorus are the same. And here's the little picky part. Just hold 
F#b and it's pretty easy.


There you go. Sorry about how confusing it may be, but I'm sure no one else would 
have ever tabbed this.
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