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Thom Yorke - Analyse Acustic tab

These are the chords for the acustic versión of analyse, similar to the video 
There are similar chords in another tab, but i think two more chords should be added...

Almost all the song, except the final part is like this:


Each chord is played twice before changing to the next.

The final part goes like this.

E-x--x--                                    x--x-----|
B-x--x--                                    x--x-----|
G-8--7--these are played 4 times each one   1--0-----|x2
C-0--0--                                    0--0-----|
A-x--x--                                    x--x-----|
D-10-10-                                    3--3-----|

Enjoy!...any sugestions:
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