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Thomas Dybdahl - Pale Green Eyes tab

An amazing song by the norwegian singer/songwriter Thomas Dybdahl from the album "Stray Dogs"

Capo 5th - Standard Picking


Dm           C
Pale green eyes,
Silver and lime, 
       F         G         Em         F
In a world gone bad, your soul will shine. 

Dm - C - Am - F - G - Em - F - C (Let ring)
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          Dm               C
Baby, I'm all messed up, I swear. 
            Dm             C
I really do want you here, my dear.

Chorus: (Play 2 times)
Pale green eyes, bear an endless trail
not afraid to try, not afraid to fail.
A thousand miles, lie in your trail.
In passing time, you will prevail.


Baby, I'm all messed ud, i swear.
I really do want you here, my dear.


Pale green eyes, will I ever find, 
a way to cross that great divide. 
Pale green eyes, left me behind.
In a world gone bad, you will be fine.
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