Those Dancing Days - Run Run chords

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I tried to figure out this tab by ear. So I appreciate corrections of my version. 
This is my first tab.

Chords to use:
    B    G    A    D        F#   Bm

Intro(B - G - A - G)

B    G
Run, run over the hills
A            G
Can feel the bounce in my surroundings
B                G
Kill a flower in someone's garden
A                 G
But I don't care, I am free

B           G
Streams let themselves loose
A             G
My feet won't touch the ground
B          G
The city's further away
A                   G          D
And I love that I , I can say

D              F#            Bm                    G
The sky is way bigger than I ever thought it could be
D        F#        Bm
I really can't see where it ends
D           F#           Bm               G
Clouds like bubbles in a sink touching my face
D        F#            Bm
Makes me forget how to think 

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