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Those Darlins - Waste Away chords

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beginning of the song starts with "oooh"s and the chords you'll play are Cmaj and Am.


Verse 1:
C              Am                  G
My own re-runs don't you know i've
already seen this play?
C                       Am
When i was a young girl late at night
  G                  Dm
i met the sunflower witch.
C               Am
I still see her laying there
it haunts me in my dreams.
C                Am                 G
Why are you dead set on joining her
in her misery?

C                              Am
I don't wanna watch you waste away (x2)
C               Am
I've seen you fall and forget it all.
C               Am              C
You don't wanna watch me do the same.

And then Verse 2 is the same and the chorus remains the same as well. Did this very 
quickly so criticism would be much appreciated! Thanks, enjoy :)
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