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Three Crosses - Heal My Heart tab

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This is my first posted tab. I am not signed on to website but this song is so 
amazing I want other people to enjoy It. So here are the Chords with all the 
Lyrics. This song is in the key of B. 

Interlude B  E  B  E

Verse 1
	          E		             B        
Heal my heart, hear my prayer
	       E	         F#     G#m
 Take away these earthly fears
       E		                      G#m
 As I wade through all lifeís tears
	            E	       F#	     B ( This B chord is the start of the interlude)
 With your word you heal my heart


Verse 2
	          E		           B
Heal my heart, set me free
	         E       F#      G#m
Teach me as you walk with me 
	           E		            G#m
I lay my burdens at your feet 
      E        F#	     B 
In return you heal my heart

Bridge 1
B		                    E
    There have been days my Lord
 Where this selfish heart
		              E	               F#	   G#m
 Has brought distance between you and me, 
but through all my weakness Lord 
      B		                 E
your just rewards were delivered
     G#m    F#    B   E
in spite of me. 

Verse 1


Bridge 2
Father sometimes I feel so faraway 
When I think of all that Iíve done
But you built a bridge between us 
Through the blood of your son. 
	           F#		          G#m	        E
Tonight I call upon his name and I pray. 
	           F#		          G#m         E     B
Tonight I call upon his name and I pray.
		              F#	      E       B
Lord hear me praying tonight

Verse 1

           E        F#       B     E
With your word you heal my heart
              B    E    B
You heal my heart

You can hear in the song that on the B chord and the G#m Chord he does a little 
variation, and He does it every time. The variation for the B chord is this. 

The variation for the G#m Chord is this. 

You have to hear when he does that variations so that you can have the right timing for them.

Thank-you very much for reviewing this tab and please rate it.

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