Three Tall Pines - Stone Walls chords

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Stone Walls (Bbm, capo first in Am formation)
Verse 1
Am F C G
A day a long while ago, I walked down a
dirt road and stood in a time of great
Am F C
Where stone walls lined the road and black a
nd white cattle roam and the rows of corn
grow’d up strait
The times have changed since my young lif
e and I never thought I’d see the day
There’s houses in the corn fi
eld around a fallen down barn
G Am F G Am
And the old dirt road was paved.
The old dirt road was paved.
Verse 2
A day a long while ago I rocked on a fr
ont porch and sipped a cool lemonade
When neighbors walked by, smiled and stopped to
talk about the corn the weather or the
Bridge (instrumental)
F C Am
F G Am
Verse 3
A day a short while ago, I stopped at a di
rt road and stood in a time of change
I sat by a stone wall and stared
at a front porch fallen down and weathered from the rain 
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