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Threshold - Seventh Angel tab

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This is a really great and easy song. this is my first tab, but i am positive it's correct. 

Tune down half a step

Am               Em  
give me life give me air to breathe
bring sight unto my eyes
Am                      Em
give me speech to tell my inner thoughts
give me truth and give me lies

Pre- Chorus:
F                 G            Am
and as the night turns into day
F              G          Am
i will walk the narrow way
F            G        Am    G                 F
though it be beset with evil thorns and briars
F             G        Am
i will run and never tire

F              G
pain and sorrow when 
Am       F            G
i see the seventh angel

give me love give me a hand to hold
give me shelter from the rain
give me strength to know the way of the world
give me joy and bring me pain

and as the day turns into night
who can say if i am right
running headlong into all my hopes and fears
growing older with the years

no tomorrow when i cry
give me peace before i die
pain and sorrow when i see
the seventh angel comes to me
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