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Thrice - Digital Sea tab

Digital Sea, Thrice
My first tab...

Here is the melody played over the verses.


1st Verse

I woke, cold and alone, adrift in the open sea
Caught up in regret, and tangled in nets 
Instead of your arms wrapped around me
And I wept, but my tears are anathema here, just more water to fill my lungs
I hear someone scream ‘God what is it we have done?’

     C                     Em
I am drowning in a digital sea
     C                    Em 
I am slipping beneath the sound
        C                      Em 
Here my voice goes to ones and zeros
    C                    Am  
I’m slipping beneath the sound

2nd Verse
A song somewhere below deadly and slow begins
Sickly and sweet, now picking up speed, and ushering in the world’s end
And the ghost of Descartes screams again in the dark
‘Oh how could I have been so wrong?’
But above the screams still the sirens sing their song

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