Thursday - Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart chords

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Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart
No Devolucion
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F     133211
Dm    xx0231
Am    x02210
G     320033
E/G#  476xxx
G/B   x2x003
C     x32010
Bb    x13331


Drumbeats: x4

Then FDmAmG x4

Verse 1:
F         Dm       Am
She spins magnetic rings
 G         F
Around the dark 
Dm     Am       G
violet heart of god
F       Dm       Am
She's a magnetic field
G          F
Shower of sparks
Dm       Am      G
When she comes on

  There's a silent charge
     E/G#    G
In a coil of wire
When the currents 
pass right through it
  We're coupled lines
in lightning strikes
   Dm        G          Am
We jump like birds on a vine
We're the magnets 
caught in a metal heart
Where the blood is 
pumping through it
When the needle spins it sings
 Am         G        F Dm Am G x2
"Feels like we're in love"

Post Chorus: F Dm Am G x2

Verse 2:
F        Dm
He spins magnetic
G          G     F
rings that fall apart
     Dm     Am         G
When he's removed from her
F                 Dm
  He's a magnetic field
Under the silver of clouds
Where the lining of skies
                           F     Dm
Looks like the dirt on the ground
              Am           G
His only true north is down

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude: GAm x4, Am G/B C Dm Am G/B C

 Am         Bb       F Dm Am G x4
"Feels like we're in love"

FDmAmG x4
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