Tift Merritt - Small Talk Relations chords

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Small Talk Relations 
by Tift Merritt on "Traveling Alone"

Ok, so she plays this on piano but if you want the chords for guitar here they are 
as I've figured them:
(No capo). All chords in song= C, Am, A#, F, Em. *Note: add fun walk-downs in 
between chords for that bluesy feel.

C                     Am
Skipped a stone and watched it go
C                       Am
the arc and then the undertoe
C                 Am              Em          F
thinking a day is something like a prayer

So much to ask you started soft
Then the wait of locks come off
In the end you just hope someone's there

                C    Em     F
Cuz all these small talk relations
                 C  Em     F
No they ain't nothin' for me
            C-Em    A#      F            C
No nobody here    knows the way that I feel

There's no one to answer to
Just the dark and me and you
All the angels standin' round just wishin'

For the drag there of your smoke
Taste of skin, scent of hope
Raise their skirts up when no words are rising

Small Talk relations
I can't hear one thing from you
Don't nobody here at all know the way that I feel

Workman in the street below
Softly play a radio
G                          C
Hear my static through the traffic
Crowd just turns to leave
Secret current underneath
Em                         C
Cannot be heard above the racket


Enjoy! Tift is awesome! 
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