Tilly And The Wall - You And I Misbehaving tab

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                  You and I Misbehaving - Tilly and the Wall
Tabbed by: mat
Email: anexperimat@gmail.com

Tuning: standard


Cm Bbm Cm Bbm, Ab G, Eb D

   Oh Darci, Darci (Don't look so sad)
Don't let the daytime (Get you down)
Because we will be wild like children (Wild like children)
Once the black has veiled this sky
No pushing buttons (No telling lies)
No pointed fingers (Trying to keep you quiet)
Just you and I misbehaving (Misbehaving)
Oh trying our best to feel alive
         G    Ebm Dm   
We won't ever let them

    Abm                           Bbm
win. When we are younger, oh, our hearts are so much bolder
Oh the pressure's not as great
We floated weightless through the tops of trees
Fm                       Bbm             
As we get older, oh, our vision becomes blurred
And then the fog it slips right in
Now you're wondering how
                G                 Ebm   Dm Cm
Oh yeah, you're wondering how you ended up here
Bbm                   Cm       Bm  Abm  G  Ebm  Dm
       Oh how you end up here

   Those hateful, hateful (Tough little boys)
That move their lips (Whenever you're around)
So smart, just shouting answers (Shouting answers)
I guess their fathers taught them well
So sit real still (They've got to size you up)
Don't move your mouth (They don't like when you talk)
They're trying their best to define you (To define you)
They're trying their best to keep you down
             G    Ebm Dm   Cm     Bbm  Cm  Bbm...
But we won't ever let them win

            Ebm                          Cm7
'cause this world you know it can get so crazy
          Cm  Bbm Abm
All these people talk a lot
          Cm         Bbm     Abm
They know this, they know it all
What a drag
        Ebm                                  Cm7      
And you know there'll always be some oddball singing
       Cm        Bbm    Abm
Just remember to sing along
         Cm     Bbm            Abm
Yeah you better start singing along

Bm    Cm
aaaah aaaahh..

Fm                              Bbm
   This place could be so beautiful
                        Cm                     Abm
You just can't let them pull that cloth over your eyes
Just keep on screaming, oh yeah
Bop bop ba, bop bop ba
Bop bop ba, bop bop ba
Bop bop ba, bop bop ba
Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

and the Fm Bbm Cm Abm repeats as the prettiness fades out

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