Tilly And The Wall - I Always Knew tab

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-->just hit these chords once, and let them ring...

      C                    F              C         F
I've lived my life inside daydream lies, imaginary friends

-->then for this part, same chords, but with a picking pattern:
             C   x2           F x2
That always knew one day I'd leave for good

-->same chords still, just palm mute them

      C              F                 C                F
I'll give away this girl who tried to make you fall in love, uh huh

--> now start strumming them, the rhythem is simple

              C   F
I'll give her to you

             C        F
So keep her close to you

Am                           F
So you won't forget about oh how she loved you so

C                      G
Long ago, once upon a time

Now she has grown up

And you can't take it back

   C                       F
A lullaby won't change my mind

       C             F
And I won't ever go back to that

             C       F    
I will stay true to this belief

         C               F 
That we changed for the best through this

Separate the ones who know you

From the ones who couldn't bother

    C                        G
To see you for all that you are

And deep down I always knew

All the times I thought that I loved you

It was just an easy answer

        F    G
It was make believe

--> picking pattern again, end on C

                               C     F             C
But I still believe that this heart will learn to love
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