Tim Barry - Downtown Vcu chords

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This is my first tab attempt/submission...just trying to payback for all the good 
help i've received...hopefully this is close
(btw I capo the second fret)

C                                  G
She asked me to dance and then she paused
          C                         G
she was a neighborhood local at her local bar
     F                     G
with shoulder length brown hair
              C              F
and an accent I found fairly rare
C                G              C
one part country one part urban thug...total fox

C                      G
I was out of my element
C                                   G
new to the neighborhood and clearly lacking friends
     F             G                  C
just adding to the mess of white ball caps
and red keg cups
C             G                  C
dropping home values and raising rent

C                              G
After the pause things became confusing
            C                      G
she asked "are you a real man or a college student?"
          F            G
I did not know what to say 
            C                F 
I'd started school that very day
         C                 G           C
which is nothing but a big business I suppose

C                                 G
Right then and there my heart did drop
    C                                 G
she turned and walked away without a second thought
              F               G
I should have listened to my dad
                 C                          F
when he said "work with your hands not your head
         C                  G                            C
and your billfold will stay full and you won't be paying out debt"

So men the purpose of this song

is to go ahead and pass my father's wisdom on

go on and callous up them hands

learns some knots and turn a wrench

cause in four years there won't be any jobs left anyway

If I'd taken my old man's advice

I might be laid up in the bed beside that fox tonight

instead my mouth tastes like jello shooters

and i'm lurking here on this darn computer

well man that's all i've got ... good night

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