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Tim Be Told - Heroes Tonight chords

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This is just my interpretation. I don't think the chords are completely accurate
(especially around the pillaged and plundered...) and I'll try to update the tab as I 
figure it
out a bit more. Some of the chords I just plain made up because I think they sounded 
decently with it. Please leave comments if you figure out a better chord.

Capo 4

G  G/F C  C9  Em  D/F# Cm
x  x   x  x   x   x    x
0  0   1  1   0   3    4
0  0   0  0   0   2    5
0  0   2  0   2   0    5
x  x   3  3   2   0    3
3  1   x  x   0   2    x

G                    G/F                   C
This is a story of a boy who sailed out to sea
G                  G/F                                C
With a song in his heart and a penny to spare for the fee
Em                               G/F
But the pirates came with the night
Em                        C
And that boy he put up a fight
But they pillaged and plundered
They buried him under
Am                             C9
the deck where they sealed him tight
But the boy kept on singing
And his voice kept on ringing
Em                D        G
And these are the words he cried:
G           D      C
"There are heroes tonight
C              Em    D  C
setting their sails for me.
G          D      C
There are heroes tonight,
C               Em    D     C
They'll hear my song you'll see.
Cm                       G
You go ahead take my gold and my silver
        Em             D            C
You can steal from me all your life long
But the heroes are waking
G/F (C?)
and you'll never break me
Em               D       G
and you'll never take my song.
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