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Tim Buckley - Sweet Surrender chords

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Tim Buckley - Greetings from L.A.
Sweet Surrender

Intro: Am9  Em7

Am9                     Em7
Now you wanna know the reason
Am9              Em7
Why I cheated on you
Am9                Em7
Well I had to be a hunter again
Am9                     A
This little man had to try
                  Em7      D6(addE)
To make love feel new again
'Cause there's just a few things honey
I'm not old enough to do for you
And there are things, mama
D6(addE)                        Em7
You just never care to show me
         Bb        Em7        Bb            Em7
So this flim flam lover boy found him a flamingo
Bb       Em7       Bb               Em7
And his flamingo showed him how to tango
Bb             Em7           Bb                   Em7
And when they tangoed it'd send their hearts a flutter
Bb                   Em7
Tease them till they stutter
          Bb             Em7
Made them so young and tender
Bb         Em7         Bb        Em7
Sweet to surrender in so sweet surrender
Bb         Em7
In sweet surrender
Bb            Em7    Bb  Em7
Ahh sweet surrender to love

A                                                 Em7
But now you're gonna go out and get yourself a reputation
    A                                     Em7
But I'm gonna have to show you where to start
A                                             Em7
And then you're gonna bring back your little reputation
     A         Am7               Em7          D6(addE) Em7  D6(addE)
And prove to me what I could not prove to you
'Cause I was just too young and hot
D6(addE)       Em7
I was just too cold honey
Just too hot to care
            Em7      Am7          A         Em7
Ah just too hot to surrender, surrender to love
          Am7      A         Em7
Sweet surrender surrender to love
                     Am7  A            Em7
If we could just surrender love would heal the mess we made
So give it up mama
It ain't gonna be no good to keep going round and round
Em7              D6(addE)
You hurt me then I hurt you again
Em7                    D6(addE)
All there's left to do is give it up
Em7      D6(addE)
Give it up and surrender
Em7                 D6(addE)
Sweet surrender Sweet surrender your love
To love... to love...
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