Tim Buckley - Blue Melody chords

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Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon
Blue Melody

Capo 1st fret

E6                      Em6
Well I was born a blue melody
E6                      Em6
A little song my mama sang to me
         Gmaj7   E6
It was a blue melody
      Gmaj7       E6
Such a blue you've never seen

E6                           Em6
There ain't no wealth that can buy my pride
E6                           Em6
There ain't no pain that can cleanse my soul
           Gmaj7   E6
No just a blue melody
       Gmaj7  E6
Sailing far away from me
Am                       Am7
One summer mornin'I was raised but I don't know
Am                        Am7
One summer morning I was left but I don't know
Am                    E6     Em6
One summer morning so all alone

Am                   Am7
Late in ev'ning I'll sing in your dreaming
Am                     Am7
Down from the mountain along with the breezes
Am               E6            Em6
So close inside love grew smiles

E6                        Em6
So if you hear that blue melody
E6                       Em6
Won't you please send it home to me
             Gmaj7   E6
It's just my blue melody
        Gmaj7  E6
Callin' far away to me
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