Tim Buckley - I Know Id Recognize Your Face chords

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  Tim Buckley      I Know I'd Recognize Your Face


 C                        Am               
It's been so long, since you've been gone
Em                        G
I hardly know where to begin this song
    C                          Am           
Wherever you are, I hope it's not too far
            Em     G               C
For you to hear me,  it's been so hard
 C               Am                   
Lay next to me, cry please don't run
    Em                   G
But I wouldn't fight or carry a gun 
        C              Am               
I went far away,  to start a new life,  
          Em          G              C  | F /// C |
If I had stayed there,  you'd be my wife 

    Dm                         C Csus4
And I know I'd recognize your face
Your memory keeps haunting me 
   C                 Em            G
And I can't forget what time won't erase 
 C                            Am             
You know it's hard for me to come back now
          Em                        G
There's prison to face though the fighting is done
          C                   Am            
Where can I find you,  Daddy you have a son 
              Em      G                     C
That's never seen you,  he looks just like you 

  C                    Am                  Em             
I've sent this letter so many times, it keeps coming back:
         G                             C               
"No one here by that name."  Are you still in Quebec?  
             Am                                 Em    G  
Oh, it's so hard to keep warm through northern winter
               C | F /// C |
It's been so long 

    Dm                         C Csus4    Dm          
And I know I'd recognize your face, the seasons come
                   C                     Em           G
I can't let go and I'd know your sweet smile any place 
    Dm                         C   Csus4  C            
And I know I'd recognize your face (any time you know now) 
 Dm                 C             Em         
Anyplace, anytime, you know I'm still in love with you 
    Dm                         C 
And I know I'd recognize your face
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