Tim Buckley - Valentine Melody chords

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G              B
You came to me with fire inside
C              G
Your movements and your pride
G                B 
And asking to be rescued from
C        G
The pain you had become

G            F#              G             A7
I tore apart the prison and I hid you in my hand
G                                    C     A7        G
In the blue light of Christmas-time, Santa Claus was kind

I wonder if you'll ever grow
Oh far enough to throw
Away the lies of no and yes
And love my quietness

Or will you only freeze and frown and lose what you have found?
In the white light of Easter seas'n will you live again?

Today the coin is in the air
And we are here and there
And where and when have caught us in
The web of violence

I pray to all the world as one that day will bring the sun
In the scarlet light of Valentine's our paper hearts are blind
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