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Tim Eriksen - I Wish My Baby Was Born chords

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i was trying to find a tab or chord progression for this song, but couldn't find one.
looked on youtube and couldn't really find much there either, but i did manage to pick
out the basic chords after listening to the full version a few times.  capo on the 3rd
fret and it'll be in the same key as the recording from the soundtrack.  again, just the
basic chords here, but pick and pluck with hammer ons and offs to get the right
melody.  pretty easy tune to figure out.

(standard tuning)
(capo 3rd fret)

intro with an arpeggio on the C to lead into the first Am (because, i think, the second
"i wish" is actually the first beat).  it's an easy song to get the rhythm and feel for once
you figure out the timing for transition.  it's a nice song, obviously not musically complex.
tweaked a few lyrics from what i found.  please comment.

Song: I Wish My Baby Was Born
Album: Cold Mountain Soundtrack
Artist: Tim Eriksen

            Am              C
I wish, I wish my baby was born
            Am            G
And sitting on its papa's knee
            Am                                    C
And me poor girl (and me poor girl) were dead and gone
                    G               C
And the green grass growin' o'er my feet
         Am                   C
I ain't ahead, nor never will be
                   G                     C
'Til a sweet apple grows on a sour apple tree
            Am                                    C
But still I hope (but still I hope) the time will come
             G             C
When you and I shall be as one

          Am               C
I wish, I wish my love had died
             G              C
And sent her soul to wander free
              Am                                     C
Then we might meet (then we might meet) where ravens fly
             G              C
Let our poor bodies rest in peace
             Am              C
The owl, the owl is a lonely bird
             Am                   C
It chills my heart with dread and terror
               Am                 C
That someone's blood there on his wing
               G                  C
That someone's blood there on his feather
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