Tim Finn - Not Even Close chords

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Not Even Close by Tim Finn
http://www.timfinn.com/ - Tim is the less internationally known brother of Niel Finn 
from Crowded House and was a member of the band at various points, notably the Woodface album.

Tabbed by tom@tomnichols.com 1990
comments and improvements welcome

Crowded House & Tim Finn unplugged MTV version

C         332010
C6add9/G  330210
Em        022000
Esus4     022200
Emadd9    022202
Fmaj7     133210
F         133211
G         320033

Main riff (play all downstumming with palm muting)
C  C6add9/G  Em  Esus4    Em
C  C6add9/G  Em  Esus4    Em
C  C6add9/G  Em  Emadd9   Em
G 2 bars

(C6add9/G in musical sections, not verse, Esus4 in both)

Verse 1
C                     Em               Esus4   Em
I’ve been walking the   straight line
‘been living in my best friend’s pocket
C                     Em               Esus4   Em
I’ve been lookin at   my   life
All the time… All the time
C                     Em               Esus4   Em
            How can I do my work
Fmaj7(softly)  G
Always looking over my shoulder

C                G
When everything     falls apart
C                     Fmaj7
When you make a false start and you
G                     Fmaj7
Can’t turn the pages        and you
Can’t find the        door    when you’re
G          Fmaj7           C                Fmaj7    G
No bodies’ baby  Not even  close to pulling through

Main riff

Man… man…

Verse 2
We savour every hour
Hunger for the touch of money
Building crooked towers
On the floor plan…floor plan…
When I came running to you
I was following the life in a dead star


Fmaj7   G   C

Final section
We need a rope that will lead us down this endless path
MUTE   hitG  hitG     F
       Can’t turn the pages
We need a light that will open up this endless night
MUTE   hitG  hitG     F
       Can’t find the door
We need a friend that will help us through this
Impossible task…whoaoooh

Riff ( ad lib )
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