Tim Hawkins - Daddy Boy Can Survive chords

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Song: Daddy Boy can survive
Capo: No Capo

(Verse 1)
D                             C
Well a single man says I'm doing time
 G                                   D
you'r marriage and a morgage is a dead end life
D                             C
being stuck in a house must drag you down
 G                           D
you can only have fun if you go downtown
D                          C
The family life is the life for me
 G                               D
I got the woman and the kids and Direct TV
D                          C
I got an Iphone 4 with an 8 gig drive and
 D       C        G        C          G       D
A Daddy Boy Can survive, Daddy Boy Can survive

(Verse 2)
D                         C
I can change light bulbs all day long
 G                      D
trim up the hedges and mow the lawn
D                               C
I can put on my cleats when the day is through
play slow pitch and go 0 for 2
D                           C
I can stand 30 minutes in a grocery line and
 D       C        G        C           G       D
A daddy boy can survive, Daddy folks can survive

(Chorus 1)
Can you please keep it down
I'm talking on the phone
G                   D
go ask your mama leave me alone
D                     C
You ain't hurt will you stop crying
G                         D
rub a little dirt on it you'll be fine

(Verse 3)
D                  C
I lie my naps in a big soft chair
     G                            D
and takin' out the trash in my underwear
D                        C
I like old guitars and new corvettes
 G                       D
chicken fried stake and p-90-x

(Verse 4)
D                      C
I like flip flops and sweet ice tea
      G                         D
I got movies for the kids in the SUV
D                     C
I can kill a bee and tie a neck tie and
I pay all of my bills online cause
 D      C        G         C      G        D
A daddy boy can survive, daddy boy can survive

(Chorus 2)
I play dolls with my daughter and
war with war with my son
     G                         D
get shot in the but with an airsoft gun
D                C
Winnie the pooh, green eggs and ham
G                              D
if ya ain't into that we don't....really care

D                              C
I can change a diaper and give a high five
      C        G       D       C       G        D
and a daddy boy can survive, daddy boy can survive,
  C          G        D      C       G     D
daddy folks can survive, daddy boy can survive
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