Tim Hughes - My Jesus My Lifeline chords

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My Jesus, My Lifeline
Words and Music by Tim Hughes 
G         Em
 My Jesus, my lifeline,
C           Dsus4           D
 I need You more than I've ever known.
G              Em
 There's no one quite like You,
C           Dsus4         D
 I'm crying out for Your loving.

C2         Em7
 Oh, Jesus, oh Jesus,
C2                  Em7       D/F#
 I've never known a love like this before.
C2        Em7
 Oh Jesus, sweet Jesus,
C2           Em7    D/F#     C
 Accept this love I give to You,
 It's all I can do.

G              Em
 I'm searching, I'm longing,
C               Dsus4        D
 Please meet me just as You want to.
G               Em
 I'll stand here to offer,
C              Dsus4    D
 Offer up this song of love to You.

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