Tim Hughes - The Cross Stands Above It All chords

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Key: E

Verse 1:
A2           E  
Beyond this lifetime,
A2          E                Bsus4  
Beyond this darkness there's light
A2            E    
Your cross is shining,
A2         E         Bsus4  
So people, open your eyes.

    A            E
The cross stands above it all,
C#m                    Bsus4   
Burning bright in this life;
    A            E       Bsus4 
The cross towers over it all
    A         E
One hope, one Deliverer
C#m              Bsus4              A5
Saviour reigning high above it all,
Above it all

Verse 2:
A                E
These chains are breaking,
A            E          Bsus4 
Your love is shaking us free
A       E
A great awakening
A               E           Bsus4  B
This world will finally see

F#m        A         Bsus4
Christ has overcome,
      F#m       A    Bsus4
It is finished, He has won[Bsus4]
F#m        A   Bsus4
Christ has overcome,
               F#m     C#m  Bsus4
We're standing strong.
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