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Tim Hughes - Youre The Light tab

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C    Csus           C
In a dying, hurting world
          Csus                  Am
There’s a light that shines for all to see
C          Csus            C
Though the sky may turn to grey
And broken hearts begin to fade away
          Gsus   G
Your love shines through
         Gsus   G
Daylight breaks through
               F        Dm
The longest of nights

You’re the light that shines in darkness
C                                   G
Shining bright for all the world to see
Yes the world will see
You’re radiant in all your glory
C                         G
Nothing is impossible for you
Impossible for you

God of mercy, God of grace
Let justice flow like we have never known
Give us courage give us faith
Faith for miracles we’ve longed to see
The deaf will hear you
The blind will see you
Let the dead man arise!

          F       Em
Would you shine
          Am      G
Would you shine
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