Tim Mcgraw - Train 10 tab

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This is my first tab so if you have complaints feel free to e-mail me. All the chords in 
song except "E" are barre chords no matter what anyone else says.

Riff (Intro & interludes)  Riff (Verse)
e|--------------------|    e|--------------------|
B|-----------5-4-2--0-|    B|-----------5-4-2----|
G|------6-----------1-|    G|------6-----------6-|
D|----6---6---------2-|    D|----6---6---------6-|
A|--4-----------------|    A|--4---------------4-|
E|--------------------|    E|--------------------|

Intro: Riff x4

[1st verse]
          F#                            Riff
I'm gonna ride that iron horse into the sun
          F#                                       Riff
I'm gonna say goodbye to you and all the things you've done
I used to be afraid
      F#               Ab
But I know today's the day

              C#m              E
I'll take the last train I can find
Just in case I wanna change my mind
    C#m             E
The last one out is number nine
    F#                          A
But here I am just buyin' time again
Ab                      Riff x2
Waitin' on train number ten

[2nd verse]
F#                             C#m
One more drag off one more cigarette
     F#                                C#m
I've made up my mind but I ain't ready yet
'Cause if that devil hits those tracks
F#            Ab
I know that I can't come back


Solo: C#m E F# C#m E F#

It's gettin' late maybe tonight
    F#                Ab
She won't show up and change my mind


Outro: Riff till end

This is a really great song. If you like it, let me know. Enjoy!
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