Tim Mcgraw - Book Of John chords

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Tim McGraw,  "Book Of John"

This is a "D down":

There are also several other hammer-ons and pull-offs withing the chords
that are played at times, and not at other times. Doing all of them takes
some practice. I suggest starting with the D down, and adding the others one at a time.

C   G,  C   G   D,  C   G   Em   D down 

C               G                              C           G     D
We were sittin' round the supper table and the buzz of the frigidaire
        C    G                             Em             D
Was the only sound 'til momma laid down, a book she found upstairs
C                 G
It was covered in dust in the back of the closet,
C        G                           C  G
Goodwill box we almost tossed it out
                   Em                 D    
We could have lost all those memories

There was a picture of mama in the pouring rain
   Ticket stubs to a Braves game
Am                                      C      D
   Silver star and a baggage claim from Hanoi, Vietnam
There was a picture of him callin' on grandpa
   Leather skin from a baseball
   Am                                        D         
We laughed and cried, told stories all night long
D                     C G,C G D,C G Em D down
From the book of John

        C      G                           C    G           D 
Now the pot of coffee's almost gone, as we turn another page
      C           G                      Em                     D
We're climbing on him like a Jungle Jim, watching his hair turn gray
        C             G 
All the Polaroids are just reminders,
    C                    G      
You can't hold life in a three ring binder
   C          G                  D
We flipped on through 'em anyway

There's a picture at his sister taken in July
On the steps of the church pulling out his tie
Am                                          C                   D 
Hair's still wet from gettin' baptized, the brand new blue suit on
An old set of keys to his Chevrolet
A crumpled up receipt for a wedding ring
   Am                                     D
We watched ourselves grow up there in his arms
In the book of John

C   G,  C   G,  C   G   C

That sun came up, we were wide awake
Head to toe in black and gray
G                                   D
Long black Lincoln waiting down the drive
He was father, son, husband and friend
I still flip through it every now and then
     G                             D down
When I need just a few words of advice
     C      G             Em     D
It's almost like he's not really gone
    C      G               Em      D  
And I know one day I'll be passin' on
                 C G,C G D,C G Em    D/G
The book of John

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