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Tim Minchin - F Sharp chords

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                            F Sharp- Tim Minchin
Tabbed by: whovian713

The F sharp on here bothered me greatly. I figured it out for the piano, but I wanna 
share it with the world, so here you are.

If you have an questions/comments, feel free to email me

          Bb                 A            Dm
I've been having a little problem recently
         Gm               A         Dm
Which is quite disturbing musicalicly
            Bb     A             Dm
Involving a semi-tonal discrepancy
Gm                       A
Vocally and Instrumentally

        Bb           A              Dm
You see musicians of different varieties
       Gm         A          Dm
Prefer playing in particular keys
    Bb                A             Dm
And singers too treat preferentially
      Gm                                A
Those notes they tackle more proficiently

                Bb           A         Dm
Now, you, don't have to be a member of MENSA
   Gm                         A
To understand the depth of my dilemma
        Bb          A         Dm
The two elements of me favour two different keys
         Gm              A              Dm
Thus the rift betwixt my fingers and my Tenor

Bb                               F
I like nothing more than playing instruments in F
   Gm                           A
It warms the very cockles of my heart
    Bb                             F
The trouble is that F can leave me vocally bereft, you see
       Gm           A7
I like playing in F Major, but I like singing in...
FSharp.... FSharp.... FSharp...

Bb                            F
I refuse to be beholden to my hands
  Gm                             A
I don't see why my Larynx should give in to their demands
Bb                                  F
I'll not be forced to compromise my art
    Gm                        A7
And so I'll keep playing in F Major, and singing in
F Sharp... F Sharp... F Sharp...F Sharp...Fsharp

          Gm                C7                           F
I'll keep playing in F Major, but I'll keep singing in F Sharp!
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