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Tina Dickow - Give In tab

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Couldnt find a tab for this song, so i figured it out.
Think this is right. Throw in a Capo somewhere
Great song

The F sound good like this*

Intro/ Verse

Dm    C    G
C     G    F

Dm    C      G
      I want you
C      G        F
   And you want me

Dm     C                       G
   And theres nothing stopping you
C       G       F
   From kissing me

Dm      C               G
  So im tearing my hair out
C       G      F
  Cause I want you

Dm               C
 Give in to your heart 
 and dont let him sell you out

Dm               C
 Give in to your heart 
 I wont let you be sold out

Then its just another verse and chrous.
Hope it helps
Nic Westall
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