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Tippin Aaron - Whole Lot Of Love tab

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Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 20:50:29 -0600 (CST)

                      WHOLE LOT OF LOVE ON THE LINE

                      recorded by Aaron Tippin on Call of the Wild.



                   D                G
1.I've called from every run down phone booth
  In Atlanta,Georgia
  Trying to find someone to tell me
  Where you've gone

  I begged and pleaded with your mama
          D               G       D
  'Till she gave me this number
  D                        A
  Honey we can work it out
  Just come on home

    D                               G
C.'Cause there's a whole lot of love
  On the line
  And all I need is the chance
  To change your mind

  Don't hang up the phone
           D               G
  'Cause everything's not gone
  Think about it baby
              A7                      D
  There's a whole lot of love on the line

2.All this distance that's come between us
  Has gone far enough
  And now I know that closer to you
  Is where I belong

  And the feeling I'm feeling inside
  Is what I'm trying to send through these wires
  Darling who cares
  Who's right or who's wrong

  Repeat Chorus

                  transcribed by: Paul Leafgreen
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