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Tired Pony - The Good Book chords

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This is the song 'The Good Book' performed by Tired Pony together with Tom Smith from Editors. 
I don't have the complete lyrics for this, but it is very simple and has only few parts. 
I figured the chords Gary is playing from the concert I saw posted on youtube
C     332010  
Fmaj7 x33210 
Am    x02210
Bb    x88760

C          Fmaj7         Am
  You were saved by the good book.
C       Fmaj7         Am       Fmaj7
  I was saved by the half full glass

that's all for the verse parts

Bb                 Fmaj7              C
Falling feels like flying, that's a dangerous hope

No guarantee for lyrics. but the chords are 100% right.
Have fun!
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