Titus Andronicus - Upon Viewing Bruegels Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus chords

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A A 
A A 
A A 


I was born into self-actualization,
I knew exactly who I was,
Bm                                A
but I never got my chance to be young.

So when you lay me inside of a coffin,
bury me on the side of the hill.
Bm                                               A
Thatís a good place to get some thinking done.

It didnít work out the way that I planned it.
They all seem to want to take it away,
Bm                               A
everything that I thought to be true.

So itís obvious to me somebody, somewhere
must have really done a number on you
Bm                                      A
and I know because the fuckers got me too.


A           G      F#m
All the pretty horses,
A    G           F#m
all flowers and trees,
         A        G          F#m
they will all mean less than nothing
       A    G      F#m
when it all has come to be.

A F#m Bm A

God sent me a vision of the future
in a dream on a Saturday night
Bm                               A
and I see no reason to celebrate.

For when I saw it I wept like a child.
It came to me like a knife in the chest.
Bm                        A  
You and me and everyone, forever, to ache and ache and ache.

A              G         F#m
So Father, if itís possible,
         A     G       F#m
let this cup pass me by.
    A     G    F#m
But if it canít without my drinking it,
     A    G       F#m
then thy will be done.

A G F#m
A G F#m
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