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Toad The Wet Sprocket - Is It For Me tab

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Is it for me
transcribed by Mike Nidel (



play the last two strings alternately

throughout the song the bass alternates from C to G, but the overall
tone of the song stays on C until the F-G progression

C                      C                   F G
Through the door;  what do I see?

Am Em Am Em (C) F

C                                   F G
Bradley said it's haunted- the house upon the hill

C                                   F G
And if we met at four AM then we would know for sure

Am          Em      Am        Em
We carried the ladders and leaned them against it and

C                 F
Climbed them as we looked...

(repeat first part of verse)


C                       F G
Through the door;  what do I see?

Em    Am          C     F
Something is happening;  is it for me?

Repeat the same general pattern throughout the song

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