Tobuscus - I Can Swing My Sword Acoustic chords

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Nobody has made a dang tab.. So here! :D

The entire song itself is simple.
It only consists of three simple chords.
Those chords are:

Em (x22000)
G (320003) but I play (320033)
B (223332)

Standard Tuning (EADGBE) NO CAPO


(No guitar on intro)
Do you like my sword, sword?
Sword, my diamond sword, sword

(Em)         (G)
You can not afford, 'ford
Ford, my diamond sword, sword
Even if you could, could

I have a patent!

(Em)         (G)
No one else can make a sword
Exactly in this manner, manner
Welcome to my manor, manor
(Stop after "I")
I ca ca ca canna canna

(Em)                    (G)
Swing, swing, swing my sword, sword
Whenever I get bored, bored
I can swing my sword, sword

I can swing my sword, sword!


It continues as described above for the entire song. It's fairly simple:) I like to use 
palm muting through the song, but that's my style.

I hope this was helpful in some way. :)
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