Toby Keith - Im Just Talking About Tonight chords

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I'm Just Talking About Tonight
Toby Keith
35 Biggest Hits
Transcribed by: Steven P.

G     320001
Am    x02210
D     xx0232
C     x32010
G7/B  x23003
C/A   x02010
Gsus  355533

Well, I'm not talkin’ about locking down forever, baby  
That would be too demanding
I'm just talkin’ about two lonely people who might  
C                      G 
Reach a little under - standing 
I'm not talkin’ about knockin’ out heaven 
                   G7/B           C 
With whether we're wrong or we’re right 
I'm not talkin’ about hookin’ up and hanging out 
C        D             G 
I'm just talkin’ about tonight 
Verse 1
D                                  C    
You were sittin' on your barstool, talkin’ 
To some fool who didn't have a clue 
  D                              C
I guess he couldn't see you were looking
Right at me cause I was looking at you, too 
         C                     D 
And it's do you want to dance; have we ever met?
           C                                   D 
You said, "Hold your horses, boy. I ain't that easy to get.”

Verse 2
           D                       C                      
She said, "I only take it slow. By now
you oughta know that I ain't diggin' this.
   D                            C
If we can start as friends, the weekend
just might end with a little kiss.”
           C                        D                      
She said, "I'm a lady lookin' for a man in my life,  
         C                         D 
who will make a good husband, I'll make a good wife."
(       tacet       )
........."Easy Now!" 


C/A                          D                     Gsus  G
Yeah, I'm just talking about little bit later to - night

This is my interpretation of the song and is what I hear. Since
U-G doesn't always include the correct chord voicings, I have
included all of them in this transcription. Please feel free to
experiment with your own chord voicings.
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