Toby Keith - Whos That Man chords

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Who's That Man
Written & performed by Toby Keith: CD Boomtown, Polygram
recorded in the Key of D, so Capo on fret 2

VERSE           |C      |       |Am     |       |
                |F      |       |C      |       |       X 2
PRE-CHORUS      |G      |       |F      |       |
                |G      |       |F      |       |

CHORUS          |Am     |       |G      |F      |
                |C      |       |G      |       |
                |Am     |       |G      |F      |
                |C      |       |G      |Am     |

Turn left at the old Hotel
I know this boulevard much too well
It hasn't changed since I been gone     
Oh, this used to be my way home

They paved the road thru the neighborhood
I guess the county finally fixed good
It was gettin rough
Someone finally complained eneogh

Fight the tears back with a smile       Stop and look for a little while
Oh it's plain to see                    The only thing missing is me

That's my house & that's my car that's my Dog in my back yard
There's the window to the room  Where she lays her pretty head
I planted dat tree out by the fence     Not long after we moved in
That's my kids and that's my wife       Whose that man, runnin my life

If I pulled in would it cause a seen
There not really expectin me
Those kid's have been thru hell
I hear they adjusted well

Turn around in the neigbors drive
I'd be hard to recognise
In this pick-up truck
It's just an old fixer up

2nd pre-chorus

Drive away one more time                lot of things going thru my mind
I guess the less things change  The more they never seem the same

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