Todd Snider - I Cant Complain chords

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Capo 7 

Little out of place, little outta tune 
D                        G
Sorta lost in space, Racin' that moon 
C                     G                                  C
Climbing the walls, of this hurricane, Still over all, I can't complain 

All I wanted was one chance, to let freedom ring 
Said I had to get a permit, tags and everything 
Never made it through the red tape, got this paper hat
You want fries with that? 

G                   G
Got nothin to lose, nothin to gain
C                   G           Am                 D
It's like a one way ticket to cruising the passing lane 

I Can't Complain

I was talking with my girl friend, I told her I was stressed
Said I'm going off the deep end, She said give it a rest 
We're all waiting in the dug out thinkin' we should pitch
How you gonna throw a shut-out if all you do is b***h 
Repeat Chorus 

Now I've got a brand new dance, need one more shot 
Just need one last chance you know I won't get caught
Gonna take my last stance this time I can't be bought 
Then again on the other hand how much have you got?

Repeat Chorus

Little outta place, little outta tune 
All lost in space racin that moon
Climbin the walls of a hurricane 
Still over all I can't complain
Hey how are you all? I can't complain 

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