Todd Snider - East Nashville Skyline chords

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East Nashville Skyline
T. Snider
Peace, Love and Anarchy

INTRO: C  G  F  C  F  C  G

C                G-i
Watchin' TV just makes me sad
F                        Css
Too many people treatin' people to bad||
There's no hope
C                    G-i
My old lady she sure gonna be mad
F                        Css
I just spent the last 50 bucks we had
On bad dope

C               G-i       F                  C
East Nashville skyline, crossin' over to a state of mind
F              C              G-i
Leavin' all my troubles way behind that ol' Cumberland River
C              G-i        F                   C
East Nashville skyline, discount cigarettes liquor and wine
F         C              G-i
Anywhere, anytime, we deliver

C                       G-i
I'm still mad about the Slow Bar
F                       C
I guess that's just the way things are
F                     C              G-i
Somethin' good comes along then it's gone
C                      G-i      F                      C
Kinda like the Phoenix Radio, We used to listen then where did it go
        F                      C                           G-i
It went off of the air so that more Sheryl Crow could come on, come on



C                     G-i
Crossin' the River to play 'em our songs
F                              C
They're prolly right when they say we're all wrong
For these days
C                  G-i
So much for money, so much for big
F                                 C                   G-i
Who needs the trouble man there's always a gig at the cafe, the Radio Cafe


SOLO out 
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