Todd Snider - Broke chords

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C                           Am
Credit complications in the checkout line
C                               Am
Its an awkward situation almost every time
               F               G                        C              G
They keep your card behind and they keep your groceries too, yeah they do
        Am                       G
You try telling everybody it's a terrible mistake
            C                              F
But you can tell they don't believe that's true
            C        G               C
They see it all over you when you're broke

I hung my head down as I walked out the door
I'm never ever going back to that store 
They treated me like a bum in front of everyone behind me in line 
It was all my friends and neighbors looking at me 
Like I committed some kind of crime 
I guess you ain't worth a dime when your broke

       F                  C            
Now if I had money like I did in my day 
F                             C
Just out of spite I think I'd give it away 
  F                      C
I thought it didn't even matter anyway and
        D                  G
And the more I thought the madder I got

By the time i got home, I was seein' red
I pulled a gun up out from under my bed
I put a sock on my head and into the night I flew, away I flew 
The next thing you know I had blood on my hands
But I had money in my pockets too
You never know what you'll do until you do what you do when your broke

Chorus 2:
Now if I had money like i did in my day 
I'd buy a car and drive us far away
I guess you know i have this debt to pay 
To society, honey wait for me

With good behavior I'll be out in seven years 
Don't worry over me or shed any tears
I learned a lot in here and I know what a chance I blew, chance I blew  
The next time I won’t make the same mistake
I'll shoot the camera out too
I'm learning all kinds of things you can do when your broke 
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