Todd Snider - Cheatam Street Warehouse chords

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Cheatham Street Warehouse
T. Snider

INTRO: G  C  G  C  D

G                          Am
Wakin' up late in the afternoon
Old piano playin' just outta tuness
Buzz of the heat thru the telephone line-i
Some kind of song 'bout a bottle of wine
    G                                      Am
And I knew it was you by the sound of your feet
Pushin' the pedals and keepin' the beat
                       G                   D
We're a million miles away from those days now

C              D
You can't get away from me
G                C
You can't get me wrong
C             D
I know how to keep you here
      G              C
Where you know you belong
In a song

Cheatham Street Warehouse honky-tonk song
The kind Billy Joe just can't get wrong
I'm gonna carve my name in the bar
Hope that you can hear it wherever you are
And wherever you are I'll be hopin' you know
Wherever I am I'll be missin' you so
No longer a million miles away from anything



Workin' on the last few lines last night
Kinda found a way to make it end all right
Telephone rings, it was you
You asked if I was workin' on anything new
I didn't have the heart to tell you about
The one thing I'm finishing up right now
No longer a million miles away from anything

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