Todd Thibaud - Back Home In Omaha tab

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Back Home in Omaha - Todd Thibaud
Capo on 2nd Fret

Intro: G D Em C G D Em C D

        G                   D                   G               C 	
Well we took the field on a perfect day, it was right out of a dream
      G             D                    Em                 C
Never seen a sky so crystal clear, never walked on grass so green
    G                       D                                 G             C
And in the stands when they clapped their hands, well I could feel it in my	chest
          G                D              Em                 C
Yeah they come from almost every State to find out whoís the best
              D               G                   C
So put me in, Iím your man, I promise I can do it all
       G                D              Em
And it feels so good to breath the air back home in Omaha

G D Em C

         G                  D                  G          C
From the Texas hills to the Golden Gate to the warm Miami shore
     G                D                     Em          C
They play the game, a thousand names youíve never heard before
         G              D                      G            C
Yeah but donít forget a single face, you could see that boy again
    G                  D                         Em         C
And somewhere down the road you might say, "hey, I remember when"
                          D                      G             C
ĎCause thereís a dream in every glove, thereís a wish on every ball
    G                  D               Em
And once again theyíll make their name back home in Omaha

G D Em C

D                              C
Well it feels like it might be time
Somebody gives this game a rise
Throw me one across the plate
Man Iíll put it in another State
A7                C
And that ainít no lie

Solo: G D Em C x2

        G                     D                   G                  C
When it all comes down to the final round Iíll be right here on this hill
     G                          D                   Em                C
Yeah me and the boys are gonna 	make some noise and give this crowd a thrill
                    D                  G                        C
So raise that flag, sing that song and throw me out a brand new ball
    G                   D              Em
And thereís nowhere Iíd rather be than back home in Omaha

G D Em C 
       Back home in Omaha
G D Em C
       Back home in Omaha

G D Em C G D Em C G
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