Toh Kay - A Moment Of Silence chords

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			      A Moment of Silence - TOH KAY
Tabbed by: Troispistols, Québec, Canada

I've written down the chords for "A Moment Of Silence" song of Toh Kay's (Tomas 
Kalnoky) album "Streetlight Lullabies"

Toh Kay A Moment Of Silence

Capo 4th

           Em                              C                    D
A moment of silence, please, for those who never get the chance
Em                           C                             D
They show up to the party, but they're never asked to dance
    Em                            C                 D
The losers and the liars and the bastards and the thieves
Em                                        C                         D
The cynicists, yeah the pessimists, and those that don't believe in nothing

Em  C  D

Em                          C                D  
I never met a loser that I didn't see eye-to-eye with,
Em                            C                        D
I declare , I stare into your eyes but you look right past me into the air
Em                   C              D
  What's it like to stand in your shoes?
        Em                  C               D
To have never felt the belt of somebody's abuse?
Em                       C                 D                Em
I take the bottle and I tip it for all my heroes that have passed
                   C                  D                Em
At last, you have left us, but your stories they will last
                   C         D
Uninspired by the recruiting call
Em                          C           B
  Independent we stand, independent we fall

Prechorus Verse
         Em                 C                           G
So tell me how long do you think you can go before you lose it all?
             D                                 Em
Before they call your bluff and watch you fall?
                      C                           G	
I don't know, but I'd like to think I had control
                      D                         Em
At some point, but I let it go and lost my soul
                    C                      G
Sit tight, but the revolution's years away
                          D                           Em
I'm losing faith and I'm running low on things to say
                        C                       G
So, I guess I have no choice but to regurgitate
                       D                    Em
The tired anthem of a loser and a hypocrite
   C         G               D                           Em
Oh! To have died that night, I realized it wouldn't last
                               C                           G
Our days were numbered and the reaper tipped the hourglass
                         D                               Em
The final mayday of our sinking ship had come and passed

   C           G                  D                Em
Oh! To the west, you don't know what it is you're running from
    C                         G
And everybody's laughing loud
Last chance to make your mother and your father proud
Em  C   D       Em  C  D       Em C  D     Em     C  B  
Oh, oh-oh-oh,   oh-oh-oh-oh,   oh-oh-oh,   oh-oh-oh


             Em                    C                D
They said "a pox, upon your house, upon your family 
        Em                           C                D
And everyone you ever knew, and everyone you'll ever meet"
Em                             C             D
  I bet they think we wish we joined when we could
       Em                           C            D
But we do what we want and we don't do what we should, yeah
Em                                    C                      D                Em
  Everybody's laughing, yeah they're thinking they're in on something I don't get
                 C                 D               Em
Don't forget, I connect and I read every word you said
                 C                D
Like a child who believes he was wronged
       Em                     C    B
If you hate me so much, then stop singing my songs

Prechorus Verse


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