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Tokyo Police Club - The Harrowing Adventures Of tab

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Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Song: The Harrowing Adventures Of
Album: Elephant Shell
Tabbed: By Myles Wilson (

    G    	Em
The harrowing adventures of
G	       Em	D	 C
you and I when we were captains of
Submarines made of steel
G                 Em
Discovering the seven seas
G                Em     D      C
Fending off the giants of the deep
Pendants from hanging teeth

        G    Em               G   Em  D  C
Your ghost          did you wrong
When he whiped your spit on the table cloth
   G  Em               G   Em  D C
I am         here to fight
C                              Bm
And let your blood in the dim moon light
(Ring or Mute chord your choice!)
Two wrongs making right

[ Tab from: ]
        G       Em
The harrowing adventures of
        G  Em        D          C
You and I before our eyes light up
C                       Bm
Shadows cast in the night
G           Em
Lead me to your old home
G          Em          D   C
Sat at the tables for two alone
Pass the salt, pour the wine
'Cause I'm alright if you're alright

Ending Riff
(Theres a high part and a bass part playing the same thing. Basically a G major scale so 
can play it an octave or two higher to get the high part)
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