Tom Howard - Stilled And Quieted My Soul chords

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Bb              Eb	 Bb      Eb
My heart is not proud O Lord
Bb               Cm	 Bb	Eb
My head is bowed down O Lord
Bbm		             Gm			   Bbm
I donít concern myself with great and lofty speech
Or matters far beyond the limits of my reach

     	F	      Bb       Ebmaj7	Dm7
I have stilled and quieted my soul
Bb/C 	 	F      Cm9    Eb/F    Bbmaj7
I 	have stilled and quieted my soul
F/A  G2
O Lord

Bb        Eb	     Bb              Eb
Like a little child at its motherís side
Bbmaj7        Cm      Bbmaj7      Eb
So my soul is fed and fully satisfied
Bbm		        Gm	           Bbm
O Israel put your hope always in the lord,
O people trust in Him both now and evermore
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