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Tom Mcrae - Walking To Hawaii tab

Walking to hawaii
this song is amazin i have been playin it wrong for ages till i saw tom at the
irish club in birmingham he was fackin awsome, anyways i noticed no 1 else has
tabbed this tune and i know it full so thank me ps i was the 1 that shouted at
the gig 'tom i want ur babies so im sori if i disrupted any1's evening here's
how it goes

cap 9th fret finger picked




thats basically it heres the words if u wanna sing with it, any questions email
me enjoy :) 

Falling feels like flying
Until you hit the ground
And everything is beautiful
'Till you take a look around
So let it go

Turn the bow into the wave boys
I feel a storm coming in
And every bridge we build we burn
And never learn to swim
No we never learn to swim
So let it go

Lead me to the edge and watch
See how far we both can drop
Let it all just slip away
Let it fade

We'll walk to Hawaii
A final sunset on the waves
The perfect girl the perfect place
To watch the world go down in flames
Wouldn't that be a shame
So let it go

Lead me to the edge don't stop
Beauty always had a cost
And as the air slips from our lungs
We'll sing songs of love
Oh love, oh love...
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